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Parks and Rec. Committee will have a booth at the June 17th Farmers Market

The Parks and Rec. Committee will have a booth at the June 17th Farmers Market

June 8, 2021 6:30 PM 

Meeting ID: 889 4338 8191

All Public Meetings are moving to allow space for growth and social distancing!

Planning Commission Meeting

April 6 at 5:30 P.M.

City Hall will not be open this evening due to Covid-19

Please join the meeting through Zoom using the following link

Meeting ID: 853 7468 1440

Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

The planning commission meeting has been cancelled on March 2 at 5:30.

Goshen Recycle Day Cancelled

The Goshen Recycle Day,  scheduled for Saturday February 20, 2021, is cancelled

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PRC Update for Parks

PRC Update for Parks

Sellers and Donors of Real Property


The City of Goshen, AR is calling for Requests for Proposals from prospective sellers or donors of real property within the city limits of Goshen, AR.
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Census 2020

The 2020 Census is Here!
Respond Today at 2020CENSUS.GOV 

The Goshen Planning Commission has requested that Ordinance #31 (City of Goshen Comprehensive Plan) be updated, you can find Ordinance #31 under the Government section of our website.  Ordinance #31 determines how areas should be developed and appear at some reasonable future date, this Ordinance was written in 2003 and its time to review it again to shape what we all see as the future of Goshen.  You can be a part of Goshen’s future by letting us know your thoughts and adding, deleting or changing things in this plan.  Please email your thoughts to Bernadette Boyle at Goshen City Hall at prior to March 3, 2020.  Bernadette will share your responses with our Planning Commissioners.  This is the first step to updating our Goshen Comprehensive Plan.

March 3, 2020 Election Results 

Special ElectionResults


Goshen Activity Center Parks Survey

NOTE: The survey uses Google forms and requires a Google account. If you don’t have or want to sign up for a Google account, please come by City Hall and fill out a paper form. Written comments will be accepted at City Hall.


What's Happening in Goshen

Goshen Recycle Drop Off: 3rd Saturday of each month.

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Polo in the Ozarks

Coming soon

 3rd Saturday of each month, 9am - 12pm