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Goshen Parks and Recreation Commission News Update January 24, 2022

New City Park. As you may be aware, in 2020 and early 2021 the city of Goshen conducted a survey to determine the kinds of parks residents desired. A walk park was heavily favored, followed by a general park at the community center. We applied for a grant from Arkansas State Parks for $75,000 and were recently notified we won the grant for a community center park. Currently, a play gym is planned and hopefully a ball court. A request for bids to prospective contractors will follow a formal meeting with the State in February/March. More park activities in the future are planned to follow at the community center.

New Walk Park. The city has purchased/leased 104 acres of land just off State Highway 45 to make that happen. We will be submitting a grant application to the Arkansas Department of Transportation to continue the work the city has already begun on that park. The acreage was an old ranch with two inoperable barns, a chicken house, two springs and a beautiful creek running through it. The old chicken house has been torn down, trees trimmed, trash and old tires removed, one barn torn down, and the other barn is in the process of being deconstructed. The parking lot has begun to be built and a water feature on the creek is planned to be constructed in the May timeframe. The park is planned to be open to the public in the second half of 2022. The Goshen Parks and Recreation Commission is very excited about this fine facility, currently being made ready by city staff, volunteers, and contractors.

Goshen Parks and Recreation Commission News Update August 26, 2021

New City Park.  As you may be aware, the city of Goshen has purchased 20 acres toward a new park between State Highway 45 and Fire Tower Road and recently approved the purchase of another 11 acres.   The city plans to purchase an additional 70+ acres in the next five years for a total of 104 acres.  The park will have trails for extended hikes and short walks – something Goshen residents overwhelmingly desire.  The parks terrain has steep ravines, flat fields, and a perennial stream and springs.   The city recently completed the removal of an old chicken house and barn that were deemed hazardous and unsightly.  However, the old chicken house’s foundation is solid concrete and in good shape - a potential surface for recreation courts, pavilion, other.  

The access road and parking area need improvement and that task is a priority for the parks commission and city.  The goal is to have a safe parking area by the year’s end so that Goshen’s residents can start enjoying the park.  

Grant Applications have been submitted to the State Outdoor Grant Program for a FUN Park Grant and to the Arkansas Department of Transportation for a parking area and ADA trail.  The FUN Park grant, if awarded, will be used for a recreational ball court and play gym at the community center. 


Walk Bike Northwest Arkansas.  Your Parks Commission is an active member of a regional initiative to update the 2014 Walk Bike Plan for Northwest Arkansas.  For Goshen, the existing plan envisions bicycling and walking trails that connect the city to the Razorback Greenway Trail and other regional destinations.  The Parks Commission will be sharing more about the plan as it develops. 

Beaver Watershed Alliance will be hosting a Bio Blitz on September 12th, 8 AM to 2 PM, at Mill Branch Park.  Volunteer naturalists are encouraged to participate.  If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Goshen Parks and Recreation Commission at the new email address of:

Parks Commission Update December 8, 2020


Parks Commission Update November 17, 2020 

Mayor Max Poye, on behalf of the city of Goshen, traveled to Jacksonville, Arkansas to present Goshen’s FUN Park Project to the State Outdoor Grant Committee.  The Mayor and representatives from 14 other applicants were escorted in and out of the committee room and each was allowed five minutes to present its case for funding.   Mayor Poye presented the charts prepared for him by the Parks and Recreation Commission and others.

When asked about the experience, Mayor Poye said: "I am very thankful for the work everyone has done toward getting this grant.  There was no real interaction with the panel due to COVID restrictions, but I feel really good about our chances for receiving the grant.  This will be a real blessing for the citizens of Goshen!

Applicants will be notified of the grant committee’s decision in late November or December.  In its application, Goshen achieved 100% of available points in its grant submission.

Parks Commission Update September 21, 2020

On Sunday, September 20, the Mayor, City Council and Parks Commission members met at the two sites where property owners had responded to the City’s Park property Request for Proposal (RFP). These two sites were primarily envisioned to fulfil the walking trail park requirement, but after walking the sites it became obvious they have even more potential. The sites will be discussed during the next few city council meetings and a decision will be made whether to move forward on one of the two sites or to continue searching for other property.

The first site was at Paul Pray Drive and Hwy 45 and the second site is located within the Knolls subdivision on South Springs Loop. Members of the community are encouraged to follow the council’s thinking on this through the open Council and Parks commission meetings and to make your thoughts known. This is a very important potential development for our city (that) the Council and Parks Commission are anxious to achieve full potential with a cost effective asset for our community.

The Goshen Parks Commission 

Parks Commission Update August 20, 2020

The mayor, council and parks commission worked diligently after last month’s disappointment to solve both the issue that was undermining the grant proposal, while solving other unrelated issues- and succeeded. The Mayor signed and the grant was submitted August 20, 2020 to the state. Shown below is a graphic of the proposed park. Thanks to everyone, including the citizens of Goshen for achieving this goal. The next step is to be selected to present our project to the State. We should know if we are selected to present within the next couple of months. Your input in the survey was captured in the master plan which was submitted as part of the grant. Thank you so much for taking the time to make your thoughts known.


We will all be keeping our fingers crossed for getting the grant.

The Goshen Parks Commission


Parks Commission Update July 16, 2020

The mayor and parks commission worked diligently after last month’s disappointment to solve both the issue that was undermining the grant proposal, while solving other unrelated issues. The solution was to buy 2 acres of land that was adjacent to the community center. The mayor approached the land owner who said they were willing to sell 2 acres to the City. On Tuesday night, the City Council voted to buy the land, subject to an appraisal. That offer and acceptance will become a part of the proposed grant we will be submitting at the end of August, assuming the appraisal supports the agreement. The Parks Commission is elated with that decision and thanks the mayor and council for their support.
There are now several factors supporting our proposed grant.
1.     The City has no parks and has not received funding in the past from the State for any
2.     The City passed a sales tax that provides us the income to maintain the park
3.     The proposed park with the gym equipment and basketball court is a model that the State Parks supports
4.     We have involved the community in deciding the kind of park the community wants and have a draft master plan to provide that to the community and have been praised by the State for the survey that showed us what the community wants (which has now had 107 respondents). Thank you for your support!!!
5.     There are two down-selects. The first gives point for various criteria. Those who get the most points get invited to a brief in November-December. If what was described above goes through, we will have 100% of the point possible, indicating that the City will be invited to defend its grant proposal before the board.

We will all be keeping our fingers crossed.
The Goshen Parks Commission

Parks Commission Update June 9, 2020

As last reported, the Mayor and Parks and Recreation Commission members were scheduled to meet with State officials on May 14th. During that meeting it was discovered that we needed to look into where the septic lines were for the Community Center Building. In an exhaustive search, the Mayor discovered that the lines were in the same place as the planned park facility. The Parks Commission briefed this situation to the Council in the meeting on June 9th where we told them we had put out a request for proposal to look at alternative sites. The parks survey where 103 of you participated confirmed that the public wants a basketball court and kids gym / play area as well as a picnic area and this data appears to be consensus throughout the community, not just in the Community Center area. In addition, as you all know, walk trails were strongly desired. The commission will be looking at both these alternatives as we review the proposals that are provided to the City. Unless we can purchase some immediate property, this will force us to change the strategy to put in the grant next year after the land is purchased. The City will look at all options to bring the Parks Master Plan into fruition as quickly as practical. Thank you all for your support in this matter.

The Goshen Parks Commission

Parks Commission Public Meeting April 23, 2020

During the Parks and Recreation Commission public meeting held on “Zoom” on April 23, 2020, Chuck Jacobus briefed the results of the ongoing park survey and the status of this year’s grant request. The survey identified a clear desire for a walk park as well as a park with picnic, playground and basketball at the community center. The commission took steps in that regard in the draft Parks Master Plan by integrating a request for proposal for land in the plan that would be appropriate for a walk park and detailed plans for the community center park. Those plans, as well as an overview of the draft Parks Master Plan will be briefed in the upcoming City Council Meeting on May 12, 2020. The Commission will meet with state officials on May 14th. This year’s state grant can be for a maximum of $75,000 and input will be accepted at the City Council meeting from the public. This year's grant request will be focused on creating a park at the Community Center. It should be noted that state grants are extremely competitive with other small cities in the state. The City has taken significant steps to enhance our competitive position. 

The Goshen Parks Commission

Park Status March 8, 2020

As you may know by now, Goshen residents voted a 1% sales tax. A portion of this tax can be considered for developing & maintaining Goshen Parks. Thank you all so much for your participation in the Goshen Parks Survey and sales tax vote. The Goshen Parks Commission will be making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on the above requirements. Nearly one third of the amount of people who voted for the sales tax increase also voted in the Survey. Parks will be largely based on the survey results which continue to favor walk trails, picnic areas and include a half basketball court at the community center.

A grant request is planned to be submitted to the State Parks early this summer that could help us develop Goshen Parks while leveraging some of the tax funds. Selection for that very competitive grant is scheduled before the end of the year. The Parks Commission will continue to hold open meetings to ensure community involvement while compiling recommendations for the Mayor and City Council regarding parks that are desired by our residents.

The Goshen Parks Commission

Parks Commission Public Meeting: Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Goshen Parks Commission received the preliminary results of the ongoing parks survey at the Parks Commission first open public meeting Thursday, February 13 2020. Currently trails, picnic areas, and the half-court basketball / picnic / play area at the community center received the most votes so they will be strongly considered in the Parks Master Plan.  Only 4.6% of the respondents did not want parks funded. The survey will be part of the grant submission in June and will remain active until then. The more participants the higher the probability we will be selected for a grant. The only limitation for participation is one vote per email address so others in the household can vote.

Survey results also will be strongly considered in park development through the Parks Master Plan should Goshen voters approve the local sales tax referendum on March 3rd which will help fund and maintain Goshen parks.

The Goshen Parks Commission 

Parks Commission Update September 30, 2020

This is just a quick update to let you know that the City has been informed that we were down-selected at the first step of the competition. The Mayor and Park Commission will be traveling to Little Rock on October 30 to defend our proposal to the State Board. We received 100% of the available points in the first down-select! Your participation in the survey was a significant part of the power of our proposal and we are confident it will help us achieve success in the final selection. Thank you for your interest.

As you may be aware, the City has looked at candidates for the walk park and will be evaluating that further in the upcoming council meeting. Your thoughts with regard to that would also be welcomed.

The Parks Commission